★ About BRITFEST Canada ★

The 1st Inaugural BRITFEST Canada event celebrating the present and past of British culture on Canadian soil.

Founded by a British Expat who wanted the opportunity to celebrate this part of Canadas rich Multicultural Background.

Having attended other outside festivals, noting the community engagement and high morale it fostered they believed having a British-Canadian Event would be a fantastic addition to the Landscape.

Realizing the Joy it bought British Migrants to meet their counterparts, highlighted more of the need to help British Students, Workers and Expats to connect.

The apparent need to celebrate and come together in the name of British Culture, led to the creation of BRITFEST Canada ™.

BRITFEST Canada ™ is the first annual event.

Providing a fun, family friendly experience where Brits away from home and lovers of Britain can meet one another.